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7 janvier 2011 - Téléjournal de Radio Canada

Un reportage du Téléjournal de Radio Canada sur l'essai possible d'EcoTraction par la ville d'Ottawa.  Le produit vert écologique à déjà fait ses preuves à Chicago et le foundateur du produit Mark Watson espère qu'Ottawa va bientôt utiliser ce produit écologique vert.  Radio Canada fait l'entrevue de Conseillers municipaux Bob Monette and Eli El-Chantiry qui semble ouvert à un essaie par la ville.

Hiver 2009 - Rock Détente 94,7 (Mauricie, PQ)

EcoTraction: un anti-dérapant écologique

13 février 2009 - Téléjournal de Radio-Canada à Montréal

EcoTraction sur les ondes du Téléjournal Montréal

20 janvier 2009 - article du Le Journal de l'Habitation

"Parce que le sel de déglaçage conventionnel contient des dérivés actifs qui le rendent non seulement nocif pour le métal et le béton, mais également..."

12 janvier 2009 - article du

"Des entrepreneurs d'Ottawa tentent de percer le marché des produits qui servent à rendre les surfaces glacées moins glissantes. Ils commercialisent..."

11 janvier 2009 - Téléjournal de Radio Canada à Ottawa-Gatineau

EcoTraction sur les ondes du Téléjournal de Radio Canada

9 décembre 2008 -

"C'est joli mais glissant, cette blanche neige sur nos trottoirs et balcons. Comment s'en occuper avec un geste écologique? Home Depot propose EcoTraction..."

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1er décembre 2008 - article du Ottawa Business Journal

"Their pitch for EcoTraction – an environmentally friendly volcanic soil touted as an alternative to sanding and salting winter roads – was to call their product..."

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28 novembre 2008 - article du Financial Post

"Twelve hours before the new deal was to close, Dragon Brett Wilson took his offer up from $100,000 to $250,000 for a 12.5% stake..."

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26 novembre 2008 - communiqué de presse

"After 4 years of hard work, eco-entrepreneurs Mark Watson and Marc Appleby received a fiery endorsement by five of Canada's most discerning investors..."

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25 novembre 2008 - article du Ottawa Sun

"They came, they pitched, and 90 minutes later, they slayed all five dragons. Of course, viewers of Monday night's episode of Dragon's Den on CBC only saw..."

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24 novembre 2008 - EcoTraction sur CBC’s Dragons’ Den

Watch here as Marc Appleby and Mark Watson enter the Dragons' Den. Will these Ottawa entrepreneurs slay the fiery Dragons, or get burned by their flames?

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19 novembre 2008 - communiqué de presse

"Two green entrepreneurs from Ottawa, one of the world's coldest capitals, will attempt to chill the fiery inferno of the Dragons' Den through their..."

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Novembre 2008 - article du Gardening Life

"Take a giant - and eco-safe - step toward a salt-free winter by using EcoTraction on your icy pathways. Offering instant traction, these all-natural volcanic..."

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12 mars 2008 - chaîne CBC National

National CBC Television interview with Mark Watson, Co-Founder

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11 mars 2008 - article du Ottawa Sun

"A local company says it's found the answer to a winter problem- one that could reduce the damaging effects of road salt to health, the environment and..."

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9 mars 2008 - article du Toronto Sun

"Road salt leaves a bad taste in the mouths of environmentalists but there are several products out there to be sweet on. The City of Toronto has experimented..."

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27 février 2008 - Helping Animals-Blogue de KP (Peta)

"It's always something, isn't it? The latest way that we're poisoning our planet (that I've heard of) is by spreading toxic road salt all over our snowy roads...."

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25 février 2008 - article du Montreal Gazette

"It's a decipedal dilemma: 10 boots to put on before going for a winter walk. No, I haven't given up my sweet Gazette gig to become a daycare worker...."

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23 février 2008 - entrevue à la radio locale de Kitchener

Entrevue radiophonique avec le cofondateur Mark Watson

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21 février 2008 - entrevue à la radio locale de Calgary

Entrevue radiophonique avec le cofondateur Mark Watson

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17 février 2008 - article du Edmonton Journal

"I've had enough of the frigid weather and piles of snow. I can't wait for the thaw to begin, even though that can give rise to a different headache..."

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8 février 2008 - communiqué de presse intitulé

"An Ottawa man who lost his dog to cancer is warning dog owners about the toxic dangers of road salt. Mark Watson, a former IT professional, says that..."

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Janvier 2008 - article du magazine Chatelaine

"Concerned about the ecological toll of road salt? Here's a solution that won't leave you skating down the driveway. Made from volcanic minerals..."

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Janvier 2008 - article du magazine Style at Home

"Preventing slips and slides in winter usually means making some sacrifces. Salts and harsh chemical ice melters can be harmful to pets, corrosive to surfaces..."

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Hiver 2007 - article du magazine East Coast Living

"EcoTraction is a new environmentally friendly ice management product that provides 35 per cent better traction than sand and won't corrode, rust or stain..."

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Automne 2007 - article du magazine Eco-Options offert chez Home Depot

"EcoTraction is a granular snow and ice fighter made from volcanic minerals. It provides 35% better traction than sand and turns dark green when ice is safe..."

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18 février 2006 - article du Ottawa Citizen

"Marc Appleby may have been the only person in Ottawa to applaud the arrival of yesterday's fierce storm that turned the city into one big ice rink..."

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